Tips For Your Brick And Masonry Work

Many homes are built out of wood and brick.  The wooden structure gives support to the rest of your home allowing you to add additional visual features.  When it comes to our homes the look that we have can often be misleading to the naked eye.  Over time our houses will begin to settle and as a result cracks will begin to form.  Before this happens, masonry repair should be a topic you discuss so small problems don’t grow into massive ones.

Watch your foundation

Everything starts with your foundation.  The foundation typically is a large cement slab that the rest of the house is built on.  If this slab begins to shift, crack or have other issues associated with it, then the rest of your home will start to feel the effects. 

When we look at our foundation we want to make sure that dirt is packed up nicely against it, there are no roots or other plants trying to grow towards the foundation and any water damage or water flows aren’t causing the dirt to the foundation to wash away.

Watch your weight

One thing that many people don’t think about are the items that they have in their homes and where they are located.  When you move in a large piano or a heavy dresser, you need to really think about where it is located in your home.  In general, you are not going to be limited to where you put things, but realize that the weight of that item will be pushing down against the foundation.  This weight over time can cause damage or if suddenly this weight is released can cause a sudden shift back which can cause damage.

masonry repair

At the end of the day our homes are living things.  We want to make sure that they are not cracking or breaking beneath us.